Katy's Responses to Questionnaires

  1. Building Industry Association of the Bay Area
  2. International Association of Fire Fighters
  3. Mare Island Homeowners
  4. Napa-Solano Central Labor Council
  5. Service Employees International Union
  6. Sierra Club
  7. Times Herald
  8. Voices of Vallejo

Accomplishments and Vision

During my tenure on the Vallejo City Council, I have focused my efforts to create policy in areas which have strengthened our city and which will help bring success in the short and long term. These areas include:

  • building a healthy and vibrant local economy;
  • increasing city services;
  • ensuring government transparency and accountability;
  • supporting the arts community and tourism industry;
  • collaborating with health and education institutions; and
  • Lifting up what works – building a strong community.

When re-elected, I will continue to work for and improve upon these same sustainable and community-focused policies and initiatives!


Support current businesses by streamlining permitting - A healthy local economy starts with the businesses that are here now. It is imperative that City Hall is responsive to Vallejo businesses so these businesses can participate in the ongoing economic recovery. That’s why I’m working to streamline the City’s permitting process and remove road blocks to business growth, as well to increase the City’s appeal to new businesses.

Honor the past and cultivate the future -Over the past five years, I have been working to bring 21st Century businesses to Vallejo; businesses which are compatible with our existing strengths in light industry and manufacturing, tourism, health services, and higher education.

Bring good local jobs -Finally, the most critical part of a healthy economy is putting people to work. While the City’s unemployment rate is at an all-time low, our rate continues to be higher than surrounding communities. We need good-paying and skilled jobs for our citizens. Local jobs will improve our fiscal health; the “local multiplier effect” is the additional economic benefit added to our local economy when workers spend their paychecks here in town.

Katy’s Key Accomplishments:

  • Vocal advocate for updating the City’s award-winning new General Plan–aligning all other outdated city plans with the Community’s 21st Century vision. The Plan—our celebrated roadmap for City growth and renaissance—clearly shows interested developers the type of healthy industries and enterprises that we want.
  • Strong supporter of businesses that are committed to progressive labor practices; businesses who recruit, train and provide skilled jobs with good pay and benefits to local workers such as Factory_OS, Savage & Cooke, Film Mare Island, Mare Island Dry Docks, Alstom, Mare Island Brewing, Napa Smith Brewery, Medical and Recreational Cannabis retail establishments.
  • Advocated for City’s recent Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with the Nimitz Group for 157 acre development on North Mare Island. This further underscores our track record of capitalizing on the City’s existing strengths by planning for a diverse collection of 21st century, green businesses on historic Mare Island along the Napa River.


Spend wisely to deliver the service we deserve -I will continue to use my financial management skills and extensive knowledge of local issues to make sure our limited tax dollars are invested wisely – ensuring tax monies are used efficiently and applied where most needed. The City must provide the services our residents and businesses deserve while remaining financially stable.

Public safety is our most serious issue - Public safety is critical for our citizen’s health and well-being. Because it’s the largest portion of our City’s budget, it’s vital that we make smart and responsible spending decisions. Utilizing my experience from managing the finances of multi-million-dollar organizations, I will continue to ensure that we fund police and fire safety and stretch our public dollars to deliver the city services we deserve.

Katy’s Key Accomplishments:

  • Hired a new City Manager, who has committed to improve city services and provide excellent customer service to Vallejo businesses and residents.
  • Consistently voted to increase police staffing; from 93 sworn positions to 122, and voted to make Measure B funded sworn positions permanent.
  • Actively supported new anti-dumping ordinance and voted to hire dedicated staff to prosecute dumpers.
  • Supported the Vallejo Police Department’s prestigious Community Engagement and Violence Intervention Programs and funding of School Resource Safety Officers
  • Spearheaded Vallejo’s “Safe Haven” resolution to protect Vallejo’s law-abiding residents
  • Voted to improve public safety apparatus, including search and rescue equipment


Spending wisely -My financial management skills & experience will allow me to continue safeguarding the taxpayers’ hard earned money. I aim to ensure public funds are spent wisely, as well as rebuild the City’s reserves. I also pledge to continue advocating for government transparency and accountability.

Having a reserve for when it’s really needed - Prior to bankruptcy, we used our reserves for regular operating expenses like salaries and benefits. Spending the “rainy day “reserve fund, made it difficult to weather the really big storm of the great recession. Now that the economy has recovered and we exited bankruptcy, the City has re-established a healthy reserve fund ensuring we’re better prepared for any uncertainties in the future. Consistent with my track record, I will continue to insist we maintain healthy reserves so that in the event of another recession, we shouldn’t have to face bankruptcy again.

Be transparent -Transparency is critical for a stable and efficient government, and to rebuild the trust—lost during bankruptcy—between the community and City Hall. I will continue to demand from city staff and my colleagues, that city business is conducted with the utmost of transparency,

Katy’s Key Accomplishments:

  • Demanded accurate and comprehensive budgets and annual reports for fully-informed spending decisions.
  • Expanded budget reporting from five-year to ten-years and created a five-year capital improvement plan to improve future fiscal sustainability.
  • Supported the restructuring of the Finance Department’s systems for efficiency and accuracy.
  • Vocally supported rebuilding reserves to a prudent 15% level, for fiscal stability and response to economic recessions, catastrophes, large equipment or infrastructure failures, and any other large uninsurable liabilities.
  • Voted for sustainable budgets, and since elected, all budgets have been without deficits.
  • Advocated for City Council goals to include that Council and staff commit to being forthcoming and transparent with their information and actions.


Collaboration with local institutions - By collaborating with Vallejo’s numerous educational and health institutions to develop a 21st Century workforce, the city’s local economy will continue to grow and expand. City government should play a leading role in bringing these institutions together, seeking synergy and collaboration to help them to thrive and grow.

Katy’s Key Accomplishments:


Artists and Visitors - Vallejo relies on the arts community to attract visitors, showcase its unique character and set the city and community apart from other cities. With signature events, the City is and can continue to be a regional draw attracting more tourism and tax dollars.

Katy’s Key Accomplishments:


Helping the community help itself - I am a strong believer that leadership integrity also means supporting and providing opportunities for the community to work together for common interests and discover their own leadership style and path. This includes capacity building of civic and non-profit organizations, providing volunteer opportunities and offering residents the chance to be part of large scale civic projects and initiatives.

Community involvement fosters pride - Many of our city’s shining accomplishments have come from the ground up—neighbor to neighbor—such as the Capital Street Steps, neighborhood watch groups, litter cleanups on the Waterfront, Downtown and Sonoma Boulevard, homeless outreach, Participatory Budgeting, many of our festivals, and much more. When we promote meaningful opportunities for everyone to get involved, we strengthen our City in tangible ways. We foster community pride and honor the efforts of those who have lived and worked here through the best and the worst of times. We build our City for the future.

As a Councilmember and past community advocate, I have spent more than a decade working with formal and informal groups to bring about positive change in Vallejo. I have also been a strong supporter of developing civic structures that provide more community engagement opportunities and, when re-elected, I will continue to make these objectives part of my policy initiatives.

Katy’s Key Accomplishments:

  • Advocated for establishing a new Volunteer Coordinator position for the City to harness our best asset—the Community—for our best accomplishments yet to come!
  • Steadfast supporter of Participatory Budgeting to put power back in the hands of Vallejo residents. Participatory Budgeting gives the community—who during bankruptcy, experienced deep cuts and loss of support from City Hall—an opportunity to make decisions about how a portion of taxpayer dollars are spent.
  • Championed the first annual Beautify Vallejo Day, March 24, 2018—an annual city all-volunteer clean-up day.


  • 30+ years in Finance Management and Administration; for-profit, non-profit, and government.

  • Currently Grants Program Specialist for the USDA Forest Service
    • Review grant application requests for accuracy and appropriateness; and
    • examine grant recipients’ fiscal policies for adherence to federal guidelines.

  • As Budget Director for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation (SFAF)
    • Developed $25 million agency budgets;
    • participated in and led successful annual audits;
    • developed budgets and financial scenarios for the inaugural Aids/Life Cycle, raising multi-millions in funding for HIV/AIDS Services in SF and LA; and
    • developed budgets and financial scenarios for SFAF as fiscal agent for Pfizer, to build the Infections Diseases Institute at Makerere University in Uganda.

  • Volunteered to re-build Mira Theatre Guild’s non-profit financial system.
  • Served as Vice President and Newsletter Designer of the Vallejo Height Neighborhood Association.
  • Director on the Solano County Fairgrounds Board, supporting the Youth Ag Day and the Junior Livestock Auction.