More City Services
Public safety is our most serious issue. It's critical for our citizen's health and well-being; and because it's the largest portion of our City's budget, it's vital that we make smart and responsible spending decisions. My extensive financial background managing multi-million dollar organizations will ensure that we fund the city services we deserve and stretch our public dollars to support police and fire safety, seniors, families, working people, and youth.

Building A Healthy Local Economy
The City works best when we work together to create stronger neighborhoods and fund the services we all deserve. My community and financial experience will ensure we have both.

New, 21st century businesses should be compatible with our existing strengths:

  • Light industry and manufacturing on Mare Island
  • Tourism through the City
  • Health Services with Kaiser, Touro University, and Sutter Solano
  • Higher Education at Touro, Cal Maritime Academy and Solano Community College.

I will send a consistent message to developers or those wishing to bring business to the City, by making sure that our numerous City plans are in alignment, and the permitting process is streamlined, effective and efficient.

The most important part of a healthy economy is putting people to work. To address the City's high unemployment rate, we need jobs for our citizens. I will support programs that provide vocational training and a pipeline to a career, especially one's that provide job readiness for local businesses.

Stronger Neighborhoods
Street by street, to our neighborhood, to our government: knowing your neighbors leads to a safer community. Vallejo has a long and proud history of strong neighborhood associations. Neighborhood groups foster communication between individual citizens, other neighborhoods, and the City.

I support stronger neighborhoods through targeted code enforcement and coordinated neighborhood watch groups; enforced ordinances that address squatters, vacant buildings, and neglectful landlords; and strategic spending on infrastructure improvements.

Investing in People
When we promote meaningful opportunities for everyone to get involved, we strengthen our City in real, tangible ways. Fostering community pride honors the efforts of those of us who have lived and worked here through the best and the worst of it, and builds our City for the future.

Many of our city's best accomplishments have come from the ground up-neighbor to neighbor-such as City Park build, neighborhood watch groups, litter cleanups on the Waterfront, Downtown and Sonoma Boulevard, homeless outreach, Participatory Budgeting and many more.

As a local community advocate, I know how to bring people together to work towards a common goal. We should continue participatory budgeting, and increase meaningful community involvement in planning, including the general plan update now underway. A neighborhood services department could foster neighborhood associations and watch groups, which would restore confidence and pride throughout our community.

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